Gruppo 25 aprile

Piattaforma civica (e apartitica) per Venezia e la sua laguna

“We will not end up like the Panda” Interviews from the flashmob

Campaign For A Living Venice

Citizen-pandas, animals on the way to extinction. All it takes is a mask on the face to send out a cry of both alarm and hope. One hundred fifty people did so this afternoon, gathered on the steps of the Church of the Salute after a call went out from the group #Venicemyfuture. The result was a flash mob called “A fish called Panda” to ask, one more time, for policies that are attentive to the residents and not bent to the tourist business.

“Venetians on the way to extinction?” was written on one placard. And also: “Better Pandas than jackals.” They asked “Save our houses”. Praising Unesco, they asked for help against the assault of tourism. In the front line were children as a symbol of hope, and behind them the Church of the Salute “to exorcise other epidemics like the exodus of residents, a virus that does not…

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