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Press release: Venice and Santorini, working together

Santorini, 9 September 2017

We are delighted to announce that the Citizens of Venice & Oia are going to be working together to fight against unsustainable development, cultural degradation and city/village exploitation by corporate greed. The Citizens of Oia will work closely with Gruppo25aprile Venezia to give our communities a sustainable future and to preserve our cultural heritage.

We will be announcing future plans via social media, as well as joint press releases and future workshops. If you would like to join our international support community for both regions and stay informed about our activities please send an email with your name to:

We look forward to your support in preserving the beauty & heritage of two iconic regions in the world… with more iconic cities & villages to join our alliance soon.

Michael Ermogenis


Venice, 10 September 2017

We are delighted to confirm and relay the announcement made by Michael on behalf of the Oia Citizens’ group in Santorini.

We have the chance of living in two of the most beautiful places on earth.

This is a privilege but also a responsibility and, depending on how we cherish rather than destroying these treasures, we will be held accountable to both the next generations and the rest of the world. Our common challenge is to make sure that these treasures are not spoiled by human greed. Ready to work together, to help each other and to learn from each other!

Marco Gasparinetti

Chairman, Associazione 25 Aprile Venezia


Venezia e Santorini: due fra le destinazioni più ambite dai turisti di tutto il mondo. Come convivere con questa realtà senza diventare “vittime del proprio successo” vendendo l’anima come nel patto faustiano? Questa è la sfida comune che abbiamo deciso di affrontare insieme. Il “patto” è aperto ad altre realtà associative che si trovano ad affrontare problemi simili nelle città rispettive.

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