Gruppo 25 aprile

Piattaforma civica (e apartitica) per Venezia e la sua laguna

Venice, 25 April 2014


April 25th is the day that celebrates the past twelve centuries of Venice’s patronage under Saint Mark (San Marco), as well as the anniversary of Italy’s liberation more than six decades ago. It is a date particularly dear to Venetians, and while we would like to be able to celebrate this year, some cannot help but ask how can we? When such a unique city generates dizzying revenues, the wealth of which goes elsewhere while the coffers of the city remain palpably empty, there can be but very little to celebrate.

For centuries, Venice was a city that provided home and haven for up to 150,000 residents. In recent years, however, that population has declined below the threshold of 57,000 residents, and sadly, continues to lose its citizens at the rate of 1,000 per year. With no indication that might suggest a reversal of the this worrying trend, it cannot be a time to celebrate. Instead, we can but roll up our sleeves, and ask:

“Where did we go wrong?”

“How can we change it before it is too late?”

And perhaps most significantly,

“How much time do we have before our numbers fall below the critical threshold that would lead to the closure of our hospital, or our schools and kindergartens for our children?”

For those who wish to ensure a future for this city – as a city that is so rich in its past – we ask you to come forward with solid and viable ideas on these few points that should unite us all, beyond political borders, and give a voice to sensible proposals and practical solutions, not the usual backroom chatter. For those who can conceive of a more byzantine outlook for our metropolitan city, instead of the habitual “all talk, no action,” we ask you now three things: take note of the failed policies in recent years, give back to Venice the authority to decide her own fate in electing its own municipal representatives, allow similar authority to Mestre, which deserves equal consideration, work out a “statuto speciale” for the Lagoon.

The “special status” of Venice is already partly recognized by the particular law for which changes are even now being debated in the Senate. We must embrace this moment to present concrete proposals to those who are involved, so as not to waste this amazing opportunity.

A “special status” for Venice would allow for the specific and unique needs of this island city, such as allowing it to hold the majority of the taxes generated by the local economy, so that it may be used to sustain local services, as well as offer incentives for both citizens and businesses to live and work in the lagoon city. Additionally, we would call for the consideration of tax benefits for native craftsmen and producers, similar to the “free zone” introduced by other European countries in their respective insular regions, all aimed at reviving and preserving that unique Venetian identity.

Translated by: Jaclyn Reding

Signed by:

  1. Marco Gasparinetti
  2. Roberto “Bart” Scarpa,
  3. Giorgio Omacini,
  4. Sebastiano Giorgi,
  5. Alberto Baffa,
  6. Franco Filippi,
  7. Stefano Soffiato,
  8. Davide Bozzato,
  9. Paolo Lanapoppi,
  10. Massimo Tomasutti,
  11. Nicola Tognon,
  12. Lorenzo Greco,
  13. Marco Sitran,
  14. Simonetta Cordella,
  15. Matelda Bottoni,
  16. Giuliana Longo,
  17. Andrea Fasolo,
  18. Enrico Mancosu,
  19. Stefano Bravo,
  20. Manuel Tiffi,
  21. Vincenza Monica,
  22. Lorena Della Togna,
  23. Mauro Magnani,
  24. Davide Ubizzo,
  25. Ginevra Bottoni,
  26. Werner Roskosch,
  27. Bruno Politeo,
  28. Giovanni Vio,
  29. Mauro Dardi,
  30. Lucia Santini,
  31. Giuliana de Gobbis,
  32. Marco Vidal,
  33. Maurizio Zennaro,
  34. Gian Luigi Vianello,
  35. Mario Heinz,
  36. Saverio Pastor,
  37. Alberto Toso Fei,
  38. Cesare Peris,
  39. Paolo Valdisserri,
  40. Matteo Secchi,
  41. Elena Barinova,
  42. Jacopo Gottardo,
  43. Nicola Bergamo,
  44. Roberta Chiarotto,
  45. Cristina Seno,
  46. Robert Pjevalica,
  47. Luana Ghezzo Pivetta,
  48. Jaclyn Adamowicz Reding,
  49. Matteo Freschi,
  50. Marica Fabbro,
  51. Michela Scibilia,
  52. Barbara Rossi,
  53. Margherita Bravo,
  54. Nelli-Elena Vanzan Marchini (associazione Venezia Civiltà Anfibia)
  55. Davide Del Negro (associazione “i Giovani Veneziani”)
  56. Carla Sitran
  57. Kyvin Sant
  58. Laurie Hussissian
  59. Riccardo Domenichini
  60. Bruno Gorini
  61. Maurizio Del Maschio
  62. Ksenia Fedulova
  63. Giuliano Dalla Venezia
  64. Gianni Darai
  65. Walter Fano
  66. Gilberto Penzo
  67. Adriano De Vita
  68. Sergio Corduas
  69. Pieralvise Zorzi
  70. Alessandro Ervas
  71. Ermanno Ervas
  72. Cristina Marson
  73. Veronica Scarpa
  74. Alice Veronese
  75. Alessandro Bozzato

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5 pensieri su “Venice, 25 April 2014

  1. L’ha ribloggato su Hello Worlde ha commentato:
    Grazie, Marco

  2. L’ha ribloggato su Rialtofile ha commentato:
    Per non mescolare “sacro e profano”, le notizie sul futuro di Venezia d’ora in poi le troverete qui.. a Rialtofil lasciamo la sua funzione originaria, che è quella di raccontare il nostro passato.

  3. To all those reblogging this “message in a bottle”: you are giving us a great opportunity to convey our mayday overseas. Thanks a million to you all: venice is world heritage but until now we have interpreted this as a mere duty to protect its stones. our view is that without people living in the lagoon and preserving its buildings and its fragile environment 12 months per year (january included!) such stones would collapse as an empty shell. Thanks again and we wish you a good Saint Mark’s Day.


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